Proudly Made in the USA!

Vieux is the French word for "old". In English it is pronounced "vyoo." Imagine that, old publishing! Pretty befitting.

What does Vieux mean?

About Our Company

We feel very strong about our commitment to our country and doing our part to help grow jobs and businesses right here in the USA.

As part of that commitment, you can trust that all our products will be designed and manufactured here in America!

Vieux Publishing was founded by J.D. Okken with a mission to offer titles that will inspire us to achieve and become greater than our own expectations.

Motivational literature isn't read just one time, but studied. Therefore we understand the need for a book to endure the countless times you may pull it off the shelf. Here at Vieux Publishing, we create and supply our valued customers with quality you can trust!

What museum collection?

J.D. has been collecting books for many years. The museum collection is the "showcase" of the very rare or only pieces currently known in existence.

What's up with the lamp?

The oil lamp that you see on virtually all of our products; our company logo, was inspired by an image in a rare old set of books from J.D.'s personal museum collection.